buffer body

buffer body
корпус амортизатора

English-Russian arms dictionary. 2013.

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  • Buffer overflow — In computer security and programming, a buffer overflow, or buffer overrun, is an anomalous condition where a process attempts to store data beyond the boundaries of a fixed length buffer. The result is that the extra data overwrites adjacent… …   Wikipedia

  • Buffer strip — Contour buffer strips used to retain soil and reduce erosion. See also: Riparian zone restoration A buffer strip is an area of land maintained in permanent vegetation that helps to control air, soil, and water quality, along with other… …   Wikipedia

  • buffer — buffer1 /buf euhr/, n. 1. an apparatus at the end of a railroad car, railroad track, etc., for absorbing shock during coupling, collisions, etc. 2. any device, material, or apparatus used as a shield, cushion, or bumper, esp. on machinery. 3. any …   Universalium

  • buffer — 1. A mixture of an acid and its conjugate base (salt), such as H2CO3/HCO3−; H2PO4−/HPO42−, that, when present in a solution, reduces any changes in pH that would otherwise occur in the solution when acid or alkali is added to it; …   Medical dictionary

  • buffer — 1. n. & v. n. 1 a a device that protects against or reduces the effect of an impact. b Brit. such a device (usu. one of a pair) on the front and rear of a railway vehicle or at the end of a track. 2 Biochem. a substance that maintains the… …   Useful english dictionary

  • buffer — I. noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1749 slang British fellow, man; especially an old man II. noun Usage: often attributive Etymology: buff, verb, to react like a soft body when struck Date: 1835 …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • buffer — buffer1 noun 1》 (buffers) Brit. a pair of shock absorbing pistons projecting from a cross beam at the end of a railway track or on a railway vehicle. 2》 a person or thing that reduces a shock or forms a barrier between adversaries. 3》 (also… …   English new terms dictionary

  • buffer — I. /ˈbʌfə / (say bufuh) noun 1. an apparatus, such as one of the two at each end of a railway carriage, for absorbing the concussion between a moving body and something against which it strikes. 2. anything serving to neutralise the shock of… …  

  • buffer state — Synonyms and related words: ally, archduchy, archdukedom, barrier, body politic, brattice, buffer, bulkhead, bumper, captive nation, chieftaincy, chieftainry, city state, cloison, collision mat, colony, commonweal, commonwealth, country, county,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • buffer area — As it pertains to a holding area, it is the area extending 5 NM (9.3 km) beyond the boundary of the holding area. The height and the nature of the obstacles are taken into consideration when determining the minimum holding level usable in the… …   Aviation dictionary

  • buffer — n. a solution whose hydrogen ion concentration (pH) remains virtually unchanged by dilution or by the addition of acid or alkali. The chief buffer of the blood and extracellular body fluids is the bicarbonate (H2CO3/HCO3 ) system. See also: acid… …   The new mediacal dictionary

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